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You will find two themes listed here on the products page:  In the fall of 2018, we will be offering Mark’s newest book entitled:  

Learning to Track and Hunt Wilderness Bucks, One man’s tale of understanding and applyingthe ancient art from the masters

You can also currently obtain Mark’s controversial and provocative books on substance use and addiction: 

The Freedom Model for Addictions, Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap 

The Freedom Model for the Family  

As you can see from these titles, Mark’s passions are twofold and are quite varied. 

Hunting    AND    Researching Human Behavior and Solving Addiction.

Both topics are covered here in detail within these books. We encourage anyone interested in hunting, or those in need of help from an addiction, to take a look at these fine publications.


The Freedom Model for Addictions

A Real Solution To ALL Addictions
The Freedom Model

The Freedom Model for Addictions text is for anyone seeking an empowering way to move permanently beyond addiction and other self-limiting behaviors without the encumbrances of perpetual recovery.

You will not find the information contained in The Freedom Model in any other book or program. As a non-treatment model, it exposes the failings of treatment and the stifling limitations of a recovery lifestyle. No other approach to addiction contains this level of straight-forward facts and logic.

The Freedom Model explains how we view addiction and recovery, and explains their roles in our society and how they impact our culture and our personal experiences with using substancesWe’ve had readers say, “This is what I’ve thought all along! This makes so much more sense than what I learned in rehab!”. 

It is a wonderful day when someone can finally move past their addictions permanently, and do so with a model that’s been substantiated with scientific research.


The Freedom Model for the Family

A Real Solution for Families
The Freedom Model for the Family

The Freedom Model for the Family is an approach for families dealing with a loved one who is struggling from addiction. It was written by the authors of The Freedom Model for Addictions and uses the same principles in a way that families can apply them.

Addiction is not a disease, and it’s definitely not a “family disease”. Treating it like one has led us to the crisis we’re seeing today.

Treatment plays both sides of the fence. It labels addiction a disease, but then advises families to implement “tough love” and cut the substance user off. Can you imagine screaming at your son suffering from cancer that you’re done with him and will no longer support him due to his cancer? Can you imagine oncologists advocating that families cut off their loved one with cancer? No one would ever do that, yet it happens around the country every day regarding “addiction.” It is time for a solution that lets go of the disease mythology while not demanding you abandon your loved one or coerce them into disease-based treatment. There is a better way…

Finally, we now know what addiction is and what it is not, we know why people struggle, and we know how best to help them and their families. There’s a viable solution that has helped thousands of people to put addiction and substance use problems behind them for good. Based on three decades of research and experience helping substance users and their families, The Freedom Model for Addictions is nothing short of revolutionary.

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