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Enjoy an interesting collection of articles and stories about our annual hunting adventures. You’ll find articles on a variety of topics associated with tracking, such as what equipment we prefer, rifle reviews, and of course, stories of the hunt. We will highlight our successes and our failures, so even the tracking newcomer can know of the sometimes difficult realities of hunting in this unique style. You will find a family oriented slant to every article we feature, as the hunting lifestyle – especially tracking – is a community that is bonded together like no other in the hunting world. Come join us if you too crave the mountains and the big racked bucks that roam in them!

A Remote Adirondack Hunt

A Remote Adirondack Hunt

The remote style hunt is something every hunter needs to try at least once in his/her lifetime. In 2016 I was visiting Jim Massett's camp the day before the first tracking snows of that year when I met Dave Williams of the ADK Trackers for the first time. I had seen...

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