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The Origins of The Whitetail Trackers Team

Nearly 40 years ago I went to Bob Dunbar’s house after school to “hang out” with my new friend. Little did we know this one afternoon would begin a lifelong friendship and a collective passion to hunt and fish and spend our days outdoors together chasing game and making the hunt. Deer season became more than a pastime; it became a passion for both of us. In time, and through my trip to Maine to hunt the giant deer of the Northernmost reaches of the US in 2006, tracking became an integral part of how we hunted. We were bitten by the tracking bug. And like the trackers who came before, once you track down your first buck, no other hunting style seems quite as satisfying. Today that desire has been passed down to both Austin and Gabrielle; the next generation to learn the heritage I was provided in those Maine woods more than a decade ago.

It is our hope that you enjoy the site, and find the content valuable. There is a little of something here for every whitetail hunter. While all of us are primarily tracker/still-hunters, we also occasionally sit on the stand, and we might even do a traditional deer drive on our Southern Tier farmland if enough people show up to hunt that day. So while we prefer following the tracks of a true mountain wilderness buck, when we hunt our land to the south of those mountains we might hunt as we did when we were younger and before the tracking virus came on so strong. So again, there is something here for every deer hunter young and old alike! We hope you enjoy the site!

-Mark S.

Meet the team…

Meet the four members of the Whitetail Trackers team and learn why we are so passionate about tracking and still-hunting the wilderness whitetail. We think you’ll find each of us unique in our approach to deer hunting, tracking, stalking and still-hunting. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask questions or just contact us to tell us of your hunting stories….we love to hear ’em!

Mark Scheeren

Mark Scheeren

A Member of Hal Blood’s Big Woods Bucks Team, Mark has made it his long term goal to follow in Hal’s footsteps and eventually become a Master Tracker like his mentor. This site chronicals that journey, and all that goes with it. Mark’s seminars on the Tracking Rifle have become favorites at the outdoor show circuit, and his willingness to pass on what knowledge he has gained in both tracking and in the equipment trackers use, has made him a valuable member of the tracking community. Mark is also a world-renowned addictions expert, and you can access his research and more information on The Freedom Model by clicking on the Products & Books tab above.

Bob Dunbar

Bob Dunbar

Bob’s ability to understand deer movements and their habits in varying terrian have made him an outstanding hunter and woodsman. Bob’s ability to “mix” disciplines has anabled him to amass quite a collection of bucks in his trophy room. At Whitetail Trackers we call Bob’s style of hunting, “Stand, Still, Tracking.” He tracks his deer down, then still hunts a bit when he feels he’s close to the buck, and then sits on stand awaiting the deer’s arrival. His uncanny ability to predict the deer’s whereabouts have led to some beautiful trophies through the years.
Austin Scheeren

Austin Scheeren

Six bucks in seven years. That’s a heck of a good record for a young hunter of 21 years of age (2017). Austin is a natural shot who rarely misses – even when the deer or coyotes are running. As a youngster, Austin could navigate in the big woods with little to no fear, and developed a competent big woods skillset as a result. Nothing makes Austin happier than carrying his ’76 Marlin 336 in 35 Remington with “old faithful” carved in the stock while climbing the familar mountains he’s hunted since he was a young boy.
Gabi Scheeren

Gabi Scheeren

Some people have a certain “instinct” or natural drive in the deer woods. Gabi is one of these personalities. She can still-hunt with an amazing amount of focus for someone her age. As she puts it, “Still-hunting the big woods for a full day is like doing Tai Chi for 8 hours straight.”  For those of us who have tried to walk quietly and silently all day in the mountains, her words certainly ring true. With her first buck under her belt, a half-rack six point she shot as it stood from its bed, she is motivated to keep the trend going!
Whitetail Trackers

Contact the Team

We always welcome your feedback and also any questions, comments or concerns you might have. If you would like to contact the Whitetail Trackers team, you may do so via the “Contact Us” page.  You can also inquire about any possible business relationships, article submissions, or if you you simply want to share an interesting hunting expereience of your own with us, we’d love to hear it! We make it a point to respond to all inquiries personally so feel free to reach out to us.


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