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Welcome to Whitetail Trackers! is a site that chronicles the annual hunting adventures of Mark Scheeren, Bob Dunbar, Austin Scheeren and Gabrielle Scheeren in the Big Woods of New York, Maine, and anywhere else the Wilderness Whitetail calls home! Come join us as we spend our deer season chasing the big toe draggers through the mountains with rifle in hand. Over the last decade, we have spent most of our time hunting in the vast expanse of the Adirondack Mountains of New York chasing the big-racked bucks that inhabit these remote reaches. During the initial learning years between 2006 and 2016, we found that as we gained knowledge of tracking and began to have increased success, we naturally came into contact with many other hunters who also shared the deep passion for tracking and still-hunting the Park’s vast wilderness haunts. And so, in time, we became members of that most wonderful hunting community known as “trackers.” It is our hope that this site becomes a place for hunting enthusiasts to visit and submit their stories and knowledge for others to share in and enjoy.

We also want to take a moment and give a plug to Master Tracker, Hal Blood, his hunting and business partner Chris Dalti, and their organization, Big Woods Bucks. For without Hal Blood’s teachings and hands-on tutelage of his tracking system at the beginning of my tracking efforts in 2006, I think my learning curve may have been a lot longer and more cumbersome. It is important to give credit where credit is due. While both Bob and I began tracking as youngsters more than 37 years ago, it wasn’t until I met and hunted with Hal Blood of Jackman Maine in 2006 that we realized that tracking was so much more than what we had learned on our own in the farmlands to the south of the Park. In short, my trip and experience at Hal’s place in 2006 refocused our efforts to a large degree on the big woods of the Adirondacks and other Northeast public land tracts rather than the smaller private lands we had hunted for so many years prior. The rest as they say is history – the tracking bug was instilled and we never looked back!

We hope you enjoy the articles, pictures and videos and join us on the track as we chase the great northern wilderness whitetail!


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The New Marlin Trapper 45/70

The Tracker’s Rifle Series

Each month I will be highlighting through written articles and videos my journey with my new 2018 Marlin 45/70 Trapper. I will document all the steps I take in getting the new tracking rifle, preparing the reloaded ammunition for it, practicing with it, and my all of my observations along the way. For this tracking season (2018) I’ve picked this particular Marlin as my project because well,… I love Marlin lever actions, I love the 45/70 round, and I’m really impressed by the look and feel of this new model. I look forward to using it as my primary rifle this season in the Adirondacks chasing those old mossy horned wilderness bucks! I hope you’ll join me each month as I chronical my journey with my new Marlin!

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